Medical Grade PVC Compounds
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Medical Grade PVC Compounds

Medical Grade PVC Compounds

Suitable for the injection molding technique and tubing extrusion for producing medical devices. The product has the good injection molding fluidity and superficial glossiness and the transparency.
General specifications & applications:


(Hardness) Shore
(15sec. @ 23℃)




Clear extrusion

Shore A 61-100

Phthalates series / Non-phthalates series

Ethylene Oxide (ETO)

‧Soft medical tubings
‧Heart / lung bypasss kits
‧Blood tubings
‧Blood / IV containers
‧Endotracheal tubings
‧Drip chamber components
‧Stiff medical tubings

Clear injection

Shore A 56-96

Phthalates series / Non-phthalates series

Ethylene Oxide (ETO)

‧Soft molding components
‧Face Masks
‧Enema Nozzles
‧Blood transfusion and dialysis components
‧Blood transfusion set components
‧Tubing connectors
‧Drip chamber component

High flow rigid injection

Shore D

Phthalates series / Non-phthalates series

Ethylene Oxide (ETO)

‧Luer components
‧Drip chamber connectiors
‧IV components

Super elastic recovery

Shore A 61-70

Phthalates series / Non-phthalates series

Ethylene Oxide (ETO)

‧Peristaltic pump
‧Connection tubing


In full range hardness for extrusion tubing, injection moulding and bag film medical disposals.
Equivalent processing efficiency to DEHP (DOP)
No need for major change to the standard formulation in terms of plasticizing outcome or gel-fusion temperatures, advance to others on the market
Good in low temperature operation properties
Lot-to-lot uniformity and traceability supporting by certificate of analysis (COA) for every batch
for free-from-heavy metal inspection to ensure excellence in product quality and to fulfill low toxicity requirements in Europe, America and worldwide.